V-Ray v5.20.06 for SketchUp Full Version

V-Ray adalah sebuah plugin desain grafis yang di peruntukan untuk memaksimalkan kualitas gambar tiga dimensi. Pada postingan kali ini GigaPurbalingga menyediakan V-Ray untuk Aplikasi desain arsitektur SketchUP untuk versi 2017 sampai 2022.

Bagi anda mendesain bangunan di aplikasi SketchUP dan proses eksport gambar nampak nya tidak realita dan cenderung pucat desainnya, Nah maka itulah V-Ray hadir sebagai plugin yang dapat memaksimalkan SketchUp desain gambar seperti realita.


V-Ray Features include :

  • New V-Ray Scene Intelligence can now automatically analyze a 3D scene at the start of a render, optimizing some of the most common decisions you’ll make.
  • The new Adaptive Dome Light (ADL) offers more accurate, image-based environment lighting that’s up to 7x faster.
  • Finding the perfect camera exposure or white balance is no longer an issue. Once a scene loads, Auto White Balance and Exposure return the right settings, making the entire process point-and-shoot simple.
  • A new NVIDIA AI Denoiser has also been embedded, so you get automatic noise removal and clean updates as they work.
  • The GPU renderer is over 200 percent faster, accelerating nearly every V-Ray feature including fog and atmospheric effects.
  • A new Scene Interaction Tool now provides direct access to any level of the SketchUp hierarchy, so you can interactively adjust materials and light properties whenever an object is selected.
  • A new V-Ray Toolbar has also been included, providing new access to top tools and simplified UI controls that will make it easier to set up cameras, adjust render settings and manage scenes.
  • The new asset management system can help you find and track V-Ray assets, using a custom library that can be shared across SketchUp projects.

System Requirements of V-Ray :

  • OS:Windows 8.1,Windows 10.
  • CPU:Intel Pentium IV or compatible processor with SSE4.2 support.
  • RAM:4 GB RAM and 4 GB swap minimum – recommended 8 GB or more RAM, 8 GB or more swap file
  • Sketchup:SketchUp 2017,2018,2019 and 2021-2022

Download V-Ray for SketchUp Full Version