Memoq Translator Pro 9.2.5 x64 Multi Full Crack

By | January 16, 2020

MemoQ Translator Pro FullKilgray Memoq Translator Pro 9.2.5 x64 Multi Full Crack adalah sebuah aplikasi penerjemah yang akan membantu anda untuk menerjemahkan bahasa satu ke bahasa lainnya. Software yang satu ini merupakan salah satu jenis CAT Tools yang terbaik hingga saat ini. Perlu anda ketahui juga CAT Tools ini adalah Computer Aided Translation Tools atau hanya sekedar alat bantu penerjemah saja. Tetapi jika memang anda dapat menggunakan secara maksimal, maka MemoQ Translator Pro Full ini juga dapat menjadi alat penerjemah utama dengan hasil terjemahan yang sangat luar biasa.

Dengan adanya software MemoQ Translator Pro Full ini, maka tugas melakukan terjemahan anda akan menjadi lebih mudah dan juga lebih efektif. Software ini dapat mengoreksi setiap kesalahan terjemahan yang anda lakukan dengan sangat teliti. Dengan tampilan antarmuka yang sederhana membuat software MemoQ Translator Pro Full ini lebih mudah dipahami bahkan oleh pemula sekalipun. Untuk fitur dari aplikasi MemoQ Translator Pro Full ini sangatlah banyak dan beragam, anda dapat melihat fitur lengkapnya pada keterangan di bawah ini.

Features Of MemoQ

  • Project automation
    Save project setup clicks, and start a new project within a minute – or even automatically when the source changes. ​
  • Version updates
    If the source document changes, memoQ reuses everything for you. It is ideal for agile document development. ​
  • Project monitoring
    Easily monitor the progress, risks and costs of your translation projects. ​
  • Extensive review
    Involve customers, in-country reviewers or other translators easily in the translation review process. ​
  • File format support
    No matter if your text comes in Word, PDF or other file formats, memoQ extracts the text and replaces it. ​
  • Translation memories
    memoQ automatically offers identical or similar sentences previously translated, saving time for you. ​
  • Quality assurance
    memoQ automatically checks recurring errors in numbers, terminology use, formatting, and other categories. ​
  • LiveDocs
    Get fully productive immediately by reusing original language and translated documents. ​

What’s new in memoQ Translator Pro:

  • MemoQ features that will improve your work as language professionals:
  • Project dashboard – memoQ translator pro has an improved dashboard which gives a better overview of your projects. You can now check your project’s status at a detailed level.
  • MatchPatch – memoQ has an enhanced leverage functionality called MatchPatch which repairs fuzzy matches. It will correct the fuzzy match by replacing the incorrect words based on term bases or other resources.
  • Improved compatibility with SDLXLIFF – memoQ is able to read comments including text highlights from SDLXLIFF and whatever you enter in memoQ shows up correctly back in SDL Trados Studio. If the original file was Microsoft Office, memoQ recognizes SDLXLIFF bold/italic/underline formatting and all other tags and allows you to change the formatting which is preserved if you import the file back to Trados Studio.
  • Drag and drop project creation – Translators can just drag and drop files for translation on to memoQ then select the “Start Translation” link. The project creation wizard will then start with most of what needs to be filled in already there and will use the “One TM and one TB per language” project template by default.
  • Improved number substitution – memoQ’s number substitution functionality has also been improved. memoQ now recognises more number and date patterns and substitutes them correctly as expected for the target language.
  • New keyboard shortcut editor – memoQ has a new keyboard shortcut editor which allows greater flexibility and power to keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts can now be created for any special character you need to type frequently and for most functions used in memoQ. Shortcuts are now context-sensitive, so you can assign the same keyboard shortcut to different functionality in different interfaces, allowing more customization than ever before.
  • Automatic error reporting – We have introduced functionality where you can now opt in to have automatic error reporting. These are anonymous reports which will be sent to Kilgray when something unexpected occurs and will enable us to identify common issues and provide more timely fixes.
  • Enhanced spell checker – There have been changes to how memoQ uses the Microsoft Word spell checker which has resulted in a much faster spell checker.
  • Customize ribbon – You can now customize the Quick Access Toolbar and the Workflow and Quick Access ribbons. You can also customize the columns which appear in the dashboard.
  • User interface – There have been improvements in the consistency and quality of the icons. We have improved how memoQ and its dialog boxes work at higher DPI settings. memoQ looks great now on Apple Retina displays and Windows Surface.
  • Term base matches – MemoQ prioritizes matches where the meta data for the term base entry is the same as the meta data for the project.
    MemoQ start-up is faster – We have improved the time it takes for memoQ to start-up.

Cara Instal

  1. Download dan ekstrak file “Memoq Translator Pro Full Crack” ini.
  2. Ekstrak juga file crack yang berada di dalam folder tersebut.
  3. Instal programnya seperti biasa.
  4. Setelah proses instalasi selesai, jangan dulu masuk ke dalam programnya.
  5. Buka folder crack, lalu copy pastekan semua file yang ada di dalamnya ke dalam folder instalasi “Memoq Translator Pro” di pc atau laptop anda.
  6. Pilih copy and replace.
  7. Done.

MemoQ Translator Pro Full1

MemoQ Translator Pro Full2

Link Download


Kilgray Memoq Translator Pro 9.2.5 x64 Full Crack (162 Mb)

Crack Only (271 kb)


Kilgray Memoq Translator Pro 9.2.5 x64 Full Crack (162 Mb)

Crack Only (271 kb)

31 thoughts on “Memoq Translator Pro 9.2.5 x64 Multi Full Crack

  1. Demetrius

    Thank you very much!
    Unfortunately, there is no way I can run the program when I overwrite the “MemoQ.Collector.dll” with the fixed “MemoQ.Collector.dll”. Please help!

  2. Bhau

    Thanks a million GigaPurbalingga!!! It worked for me. I was in the middle of a big project & memoQ didn’t allow me to open the same project, as the free trial has expired.
    1. One just need to copy-paste the crack file in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kilgray\memoQ-2015
    2. memoQ does not appear in Firewall list

    Kudos once again!!!

      1. Bhau

        Hi GigaPurbalingga,

        Thank you once again. Your efforts certainly brought some joy for me, but not the software. There are many things lacking in memoQ & there are few bugs too. I’ve created a list of such issues with screenshots for the company.

        As far as your crack is concerned I’ve found a small hitch now. Maybe you can help me here.
        1. I’m unable to Import from TMX/Export to TMX.
        2. It is not opening the browse option, when I want create a New Project in a specific folder. It creates new project in default D: drive, whereas I want to create it in a folder of D drive.
        3. Even if I create new project in D drive, it does not open “Import”, to add the file to be translated.

        So far these are the only deadlocks I’ve hit. If there could be any other hindrances, pls let me know (& also the possible reasons for the same). I think it is basically the issue with the user rights, since in the My memoQ tab it is showing “Current edition” as “project manager”. It’s rough guess though!!

        Thanking you in anticipation.


  3. wawawa

    udah di copas crack nya kok ga ke detect terus ya gan license nya?

  4. nugrahamadara

    nnt hasil copy annya smpan dmn dah cb masuk (folder instalation) soalnya ada 3 folder sy cb satu” gk bs cb ke 3nya ttp gk bs???

  5. nugrahamadara

    pas mau dwlnd kok Not Available ???
    * ditunggu update yg satu ini

  6. Nam Phuong

    Thank you so much for your sharing, but I unfortunately can’t crack after following your instructions through READ ME file and the dialog “The activation module needs your attention because there are currently no active licenses on your computer”.

    I was so sad.

    Hope for help and support from you via email address.

    Thank again!

      1. namphuong

        Thank you for your interests and advice, but it is likely impossible to work well as you said. I tried this way.

        I wonder if you have any other further ways.

        Thanks again!

          1. Nam Phuong

            Oh, of course I did right following your instructions. Thank you for your interests and reply, Admin GigaPurbalingga!

            May the best things be with you forever!

            And I will so be glad upon resolving this problem. Hope for your help.

            Thanks in advance!

  7. adeks

    gak jalan…cracknya gak berfungsi, gimana nih cara efektif installnya?


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